HomeGym PAIR of Hand Grip Strength Trainer With Counter (adjustable resistance from 5KG to 60KG) Forearm Exerciser, Grip Strength Trainer for Muscle Building and Injury Recovery

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Bullet Points :
Smart Counting Grip Strengthener: With counting function, our hand strengthener could record your exerciser number every time when you use it. So you can know better your training progress and training results with counting number. Just Press the button firmly to count automatically. Gently rotate button to clear units digital, push and rotate button to clear tens digitals.
Injury Rehabilitation: This grip strength trainer assists in comprehensively training the muscles in your fingers, hands and forearms. Consistency with this exerciser assists injuries heal and restore at a faster rate as you strengthen surrounding muscles, helping ailments including but not limited to: hand injury, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendovaginitis, fractures, broken bones, and tendon surgery.
Adjustable Resistance & Smart Counting: The resistance for the hand grip can be easily adjusted from 10 to 60 KG, making it a perfect fit for both men and women of all hand sizes and strengths. With the counter design, easily keep track of your reps and overall progress by simply pressing the built-in button.
Portable Home Gym Equipment: Our compact design allows you to fit it in your pocket, handbag or gym bag so you can bring your hand grip with you anywhere. The hand exerciser grip strengthener kit can be utilized at work, home, or even on the plane, you can get easy fitness anytime & anywhere.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: SAADCREATIONZ HomeGym 100% guarantees you will improve the strength in your hands and fingers when using the grippers-try this product risk free today! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Description :

Spring in stainless steel SAADCREATIONZ Home Gym Hand strengthener eliminates snap

springs by using high-quality, resilient, and long-lasting stainless steel springs. Force range 5KG

to 60KG; gradually increase resistance as your strength improves. Exercise anywhere you

choose with its lightweight and ergonomic design! Adjustment knob The hand grippers have an

adjustable resistance knob; spin it clockwise to increase resistance and counterclockwise to

reduce it. Simple as pie. This hand grip strengthener features a counter and adjustable

resistance, great for improving the strength of your wrist, fingers, hands, and good for muscle


Features: Smart counter records your exercise numbers to track your training progress, no

battery required. Gently rotate the bottom button to clear units digit, push and rotate to clear

tens digit.

Adjustable resistance from 5kg to 60kg (11lb 132lb) as needed. Ergonomic soft TPR rubber

handle provides a comfortable, nonslip grip.

High-strength plastic frame with stainless steel spring for long-lasting durability. Help improve

the strength and flexibility of forearm, wrist, finger, hand, and muscle building.

How we get our begin?

After gaining a right hand grip the founder decided to make one hand grip that does not have

a damaged spring and broken grip issue which he first faced

What makes our products unique?

With the mindset of paying back and supporting current society man released the

SAADCREATIONZ grip instructor that could sincerely help human beings specifically health

fanatics construct robust hand grips without getting broken as it’s miles manufactured from

natural pp cloth

Why we like what we do?

The affection we’ve obtained in the past 3 years from clients is some thing that encourages

us to make the first-class hand grips Why choose our hand grippers? Professional Factory Our

grips are manufactured in a dedicated factory with excellent quality assurance.


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